Electric Vehicle Charging Point

You can relax in the knowledge that you won't have to search for an electric vehicle charging point when on holiday here at Callestock. 

Simply book one of our cottages and you can hook up to our 7kw EV charging point and charge your vehicle for free* from the power generated from our 55kw Wind Turbine and Solar Panels which we have right here on our farm.   (* All we ask is that you kindly make a donation to our chosen charity which is the Cornwall Air Ambulance - Liz has a collection box in the farmhouse.)

There are many charging points throughout Cornwall, but it's much easier when you can just plug in just outside your holiday cottage, right here in our Courtyard. 

Using the Type 2 stocket, simply plug in and the charge begins.  For details of the charger, all you have to do is contact Liz when booking your property.