Make your holiday in Cornwall a Greener one

We love Cornwall and we care about our environment and this beautiful area. You can help us too right here at Callestock Courtyard Cottages!  We are members of Coast (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project) and we encourage visitors to do what they can to promote sustainable tourism during their stay.We now have photovoltaic panels here at Callestock, we harness the power of the sun and turn it into electricity.  We have also recently installed a wind turbine - how green is that!  Check out our blog page.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You will find your very own 'Callestock Courtyard' shopping bag in your property for use whilst here with us. We work hard to recycle all we can, please help us by making use of the recycling area in the corner of the courtyard. We recycle paper, cardboard, tin cans (washed out), plastic containers (washed out and without the lids), glass bottles and jars (washed out and without the lids). We have two compost bins (situated near the milking parlour) and each property has a compost caddy for green waste.

Reduce traffic: walk, cycle or use public transport

Walking and cycling are great ways to see the area without adding to traffic. Use public transport if you need to travel to your start point, but try exploring near to where you are staying - there are some fantastic places to see right on your doorstep! We have put together some car free days out local to us for walkers and cyclists – bikes are here for your use. 

Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local, See Local

Support local producers and services - this way your visit has a real benefit to the communities of Cornwall. And you get to see and taste the real quality that Cornwall offers. Keep it local if you can - just take one of our very own shopping bags (provided in each property) and make the most of the local shops Bridge Stores in Goonhavern and the small shops in Perranporth, Trevilley Farm Shop, Lane nr Newquay and of course our very own local pub in Zelah, The Hawkins Arms.  Our lovely soaps are made by Suzanne at the Cornwall Soap Box near St Ives.

Chill out – switch off

….If you can - try to switch off lights, try not to leave the TV on standby and turn off dripping taps. We offer an outdoor drying area to save using the tumble dryer. Every little bit of effort helps protect and enhance our beautiful environment. It only takes a moment and it’s all worth it!

Follow the Countryside Code: respect – protect – enjoy.

The Countryside Code reminds visitors to protect plants and animals; take litter away; leave gates and property as you find them; consider other people and users when visiting the countryside.Callestock Courtyard offering a Greener Holiday experience.