Callestock Farm Experience

Nick and Liz are passionate about their life on their little dairy farm here in Cornwall and love to share Callestock with all of their guests. 

We're taking this a step further and would love to invite all of our guests to come out for a farm tour with Liz.  She will take you around the pretty cornish meadows to meet the herd of Jersey Cows, they all have names and she will introduce you to some of her favourites, especially Ruby! 

If you are early risers, you can join Nick in the milking parlour and learn about the milking and find out about where the milk is taken for processing.  Visit the maternity wing where there are usually some cows awaiting the birth of their calves.  Also take a look at the babies, you will just love them. 

If you are here in May and June, you'll get to see Nick and Ben making the silage for winter fodder, and if you're lucky you could get to ride on Ben's huge Massey Ferguson Tractor.

The milk from our cows goes to make delicious Roddas Cornish Clotted Cream and Butter and when you stay with us you will get a scrummy cornish cream tea with Roddas finest clotted cream, together with Liz's amazing home-baked scones.  If you ask her, I'm sure that she will share her recipe with you.

Come and take part in a Callestock Farm Experience you'll love it!!