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20 May

Around Cornwall in 38 Churns

Around Cornwall in 38 Churns is a unique art project set up to raise funds for Cornwall Hospice Care. Talented artists around Cornwall and beyond have kindly donated their time to paint these beautiful old milk churns which have been kindly donated by our wonderful friends over at Roddas!

This unique collection of painted churns forms an artist’s trail around our beautiful county of Cornwall.  You can download the Trail Map and have fun visiting the various attractions and places of interest where the churns will be on display. You can also pick up a printed Trail Map from information centres and sites around Cornwall.  Liz will be getting some Trail Maps from Truro Tourist Information, so when you are staying at Callestock, do ask for one.

On 21st September all the churns will be on display throughout the day in Truro Cathedral. Make sure  you don’t miss the final day and from 6.30 pm you can meet the artists and perhaps put in a final bid up until 8pm  You can bid on line for the churn of your choice until the 21st September.   For further details click here to visit the Around Cornwall in 38 Churns website.

Here are just a few examples of the painted churns.  Nick and I will be trying to find them all before the 21st September, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for where we are over the next couple of months.

Milk Churn Gulls


Milk Churn Butterflies


Milk Churn Choughs