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25 Jan

Another Gift for the Cows

If you've ever visited Callestock, you'll know how much Nick loves his cows. He's looked after the herd since he was a young lad and has grown very attached over the years. As you know he gave the moos a very special Valentines gift a couple of years ago and this year they have been given another new brush to keep their coats all neat and tidy.

Cows lead very stressful lives (as if you didn't know). There's the decision of which patch of grass to try, which fence post to scratch against and where to lie down when it's looking cloudy.

But the stress levels in the barn and the meadow have lowered significantly since the arrival of the 'Automatic Cow Brush Grooming Station' (sounds like something out of Wallace and Gromit.... I know. But it's pretty special).  Because of this Nick has decided to give his gorgeous girls another brush to keep them looking good!

This kit is the latest high tech device to further improve the comfort and moooooooooood of Nick's herd.

Here's a short video showing just how much cows love these brushes!


It doesn't just feel nice. It's also good for them.

Because it's triggered and controlled by the cows themselves, it's entertaining and provides stimulation. Look at their happy little faces!


happy jersey cow at Callestock Cornwall


And as the cows approach calving season, they need a bit of extra rest and relaxation before the babies arrive. Remember we're on the look-out for calf names so if you have any suggestions (starting with a letter F), please email them across.