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23 Apr

Wisteria Watch

It's that time of the year when the beautiful purple blossoms appear all over the front of our farmhouse - yes you've guessed it - it's Wisteria time!

With the cherry blossom and the magnolias all flowering, it's now my favourite time  - time for the wisteria with it's beautiful purple blossoms cascading down all over the front of our 18th century farmhouse.  I just love the way it frames our front door and often have the door open so that I can enjoy the beautiful scent wafting through the house.  

Callestock Wisteria

The flowers always arrive first,  with the first ones opening around the 5th or 6th April, usually the flowers at the top of the plant just below our bedroom window are the first to fully bloom.  It's not long then before the rest follow and it just becomes a mass of stunning purple!  

Callestock Courtyard Wisteria

The warmth of the sun encourages it to flower and it loves to live on a south facing wall and the warmth of the wall behind it speeds up the opening of the flowers.  The leaves usually start to appear just before the flowers are fully open.

Callestock Wisteria

Apparently the first wisteria plant was brought to the UK back in 1816.  If you fancy planting one of these yourselves, don't worry if it doesn't flower straight away, it can take years for blossom to appear, so be patient.  

Callestock Wisteria

And if you would like to see our wisteria in all it's glory, then why not book to stay with us this time next year, we can promise you won't be disappointed.

Take care everyone and keep safe.