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29 Mar

Calf Gallery 2020.

Baby Calves 2020 here at Callestock, Demelza was the first born and the numbers are increasing every day. Keep checking in on this page for regular updates.


First baby of 2020, Demelza, whose Mum is Baby!  Demelza arrived here at Calletock on the 9th March and has settled into life on the farm very well indeed. 



Daffodil is Blossom's daughter, Daffodil arrived here on the 17th March she loves to snuggle down in her straw bed!



This is Dong, the other half of the twins, shes's little beaut, it almost looks like she's trying to smile here - Ding Dong!! The twins were born on the 22nd March and their Mum is the beautiful Beau.


Dumpling and Ding (one of the twins)

Dumpling loves to snuggle up with Ding (the other twin) they have become the best of pals! Dumpling was born on the 21st March and her Mum is Buttons.



Dandelion is another little cutey, born on the 22nd March and her Mum is called Bumble, we thought the name was appropriate, as Bumble Bees like dandelions!


Dairy and her Mum Bryher

Little Daisy was born on a beautiful sunny day, as you can see.  Her Mum is called Bryher which is after one of the Scilly Isles.  We have a friend who is a huge fan of Scilly and he told us that there is a little island close to Rosevear and Bishop Rock called Daisy Island, so Daisy it is! 


Callestock Daisy

Daisy spent a few days with her Mum and now she has joined the rest of the babies in the nursery!  She loves running up and down but also enjoys her rest in the afternoons.

Callestock Doughnut

Doughnut is a sweet little calf whose mother is called Biscuit, we thought the name very appropriate.

Callestock Dinky

I know we shouldn't have favourites, but this one is difinitely mine, so far!  Dinky is aptly named due to her being small, very fluffy and just adorable.  Dinky loves a cuddle, and she will be getting lots of them. 


Callestock Debbie

Debbie is another dainty little calf, it's just a shame about her Mother's name - its Ulysses!  Think we were scraping the barrel when we chose that name - ha ha.