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18 Nov

Make your own Christmas wreath

Start a new tradition this Christmas and make your own stunning wreath, with a simple, loose, organic arrangement. Head outside and gather fresh greenery from your garden before following Liz's simple steps to craft a festive piece that will brighten any front door.

How to make your own Christmas wreath:

What you'll need...

Oasis foam ring (available from your local florist)


Floristry wire

Ribbons, baubles, flowers, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, burlap, etc.


Gather your materials - I normally use fir, holly, ivy and other foliage from the local countryside

countryside around Callestock Courtyard Cottages Cornwall

Make sure cuttings are at least 6" long, with some longer to add texture and depth

Secure the shorter pieces of fir around the inside of the wreath to create a compact inner circle

Liz at Callestock with Christmas wreath oasis ring

Layer bunches of foliage, starting with the flattest greens on the base, overlapping the bunches to conceal any bare stems. Slide stems into the oasis to secure

Finish with the fullest bunches of greenery, until the whole oasis ring is covered

Check your wreath from different angles to ensure a pleasing round shape with no gaps

Finally, the fun bit...

Add colour by bundling and attaching (with floristry wire) dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, ribbon, flowers, etc. Don't hold back - there's nothing sadder than a thin Christmas wreath hanging on a front door

Attach to your front door using burlap or colourful ribbon - water regularly as required, ensuring the oasis remains damp.

Download and print the worksheet here to make your own beautiful Christmas wreath. 

how to make your own Christmas wreath

Have fun - and share photos of your Christmas wreath on our Facebook page