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26 Aug

Down on the farm - August 2019

It's been another action-packed few weeks at Little Callestock Farm, with the arrival of a very special four-legged guest, staying with the cows, a visit from some feathered friends, and the harvest of our newest fruit trees.

After a mixed few weeks, the Summer has returned for August Bank Holiday!

Summer sunshine at Callestock Courtyard

The new calves at Callestock are making the most of it, grazing in the meadow, basking in the sunshine and eating oodles of clover (the green stuff that grows, not the cow named Clover!) While the babies play and explore their surroundings, the herd has been joined by a very special guest, in the shape of Action Man Darwin, the bull (that's his full name, but we call him Mike). He's come to stay for a few months and we're hoping for a baby announcement in the Spring - watch this space.

The fruit trees planted at the start of the Spring have produced their first tentative offerings, with damsons appearing in abundance. Ben is already stockpiling these little beauties for his damson gin, a firm festive favourite at Callestock. The cherry tree also blossomed and bore fruit, but the birds got there before we could!

damsons at Callestock Courtyard Cornwall

The apple tree is also heavy with Bramley apples, so the apple cake recipe has been out again.

apples in the orchard at Callestock Courtyard Cornwall

Download the recipe for yourself and bake your own delicious apple cake - served with Rodda's Cornish clotted cream, obviously.

Liz's apple cake recipe

The sunflowers are out, looking stunning against the bright colours of the hydrangeas and the lush green grass. With September on the horizon we're already looking forward to new bursts of colour in the hedgerows and fields, but for now, we'll just leave these here.

yellow sunflowers growing at Callestock Cornwall

beautiful red sunflower in Summer

But our most exciting news is that Liz has briefly taken on a new role - as baby-sitter for a friend's ducks and hens! The little feathered folk checked into their five star accommodation at Callestock Courtyard at the start of the Summer.

hens at Callestock Cottages Cornwall

Their accommodation, located just behind the main farmhouse, is made from fine quality wood, and they instantly settled into their spacious nest boxes, after exploring their fully furnished outdoor space and drinking station.

cosy hen at Callestock Courtyard Cornwall

They love the thick straw mattresses and the bath (a large trough full of water) - we couldn't offer a whirlpool (unlike in the cottages) for health and safety reasons.

The ducks and hens have paid for their stay with fresh eggs, laid daily, which are collected for the farm and for our guests, either for breakfast or as ingredients in Liz's Cornish Cream Tea scones. We could get used to this daily delivery.

fresh hens eggs at Callestock

We were also delighted to welcome back one of our loyal guests, who has been visiting Callestock Courtyard for over 15 years. Jackie has always loved to visit the cows during her stay, particularly Ruby.

Jackie on a farm tour

This time Nick also gave her the opportunity to ride in his tractor: "It was better than a helicopter ride!" Jackie said, as she climbed down from the cab.

There's always plenty going on in Cornwall and at Callestock, whenever you visit - there are just a couple of breaks available in September and October so give Liz a call on 01872 540445 if you'd like to reserve one or click below to see what's available.

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