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28 Jun

More than just a Holiday - Couples' Experiences in Cornwall

You'll know Cornwall for its beach holidays, good food and coastal walks, but it's also the perfect place to try something a bit different and get out of your comfort zone. What stories will you tell when you get back home?

Picture the scene - you're just back from your short break in Cornwall.

Friend: "How was your holiday?"

You: "Yeah it was okay - weather was nice."


You: "Amazing - we rode the longest and fastest zip wire in England, learned how to make traditional Cornish pasties at a cookery school by the sea, and watched seals playing in the wild."

We know your holiday is precious, and Cornwall is rich with opportunities to create lasting memories that will make your friends green with envy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you're planning a break away in Cornwall, whether you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a leisure boat trip looking out for wildlife.

9 Couples' Experience Days in Cornwall

9. Helford River Boat Trip

This 90 minute cruise along the peaceful waters of the Helford River is simply stunning. Along the route you'll see:

  • Trebah Gardens, where hundreds of soldiers departed for the D-Day landings
  • Falmouth Bay, one of the largest natural harbours in the world
  • and Frenchman's Creek, made famous by Daphne Du Maurier's book of the same name.

You may also be lucky enough to spot kingfishers, seals, egrets and herons as you enter Polwheveral Creek.

For an up-close-and-personal experience, catch-up with the team at Koru Kayaking and paddle your way along the shores on a guided kayak tour.

8. Gin Tour

To gin, or not to gin; that is the question.

In this case, the answer is gin; rosemary and hibiscus gin, Madagascan vanilla gin, gin infused with rhubarb and ginger - and all produced from plough to bottle at a family farm in mid-Cornwall.

Colwith Farm Gin Distillery

Gin has never been so popular, and seeing how it's made is something you'll never forget - unless you get carried away at the tasting, then you may forget... But you can exercise restraint - taste the flavours, meet the makers and see the distillery in action on a guided distillery tour, available most weekends and mid-week. Book online via their website.

7. Cycle the Camel Trail

At 18 miles long, this largely traffic-free trail provides an unusual and fascinating way to see some of Cornwall's most beautiful countryside. Following the path of a disused railway line, the Camel Trail runs from the centre of the county to the rugged north coast.

There are three main sections:

Padstow to Wadebridge - 5.5 Miles

Wadebridge to Bodmin - 5.75 Miles

Bodmin to Wenford Bridge on Bodmin Moor - 6.25 Miles

We normally park at Wadebridge and cycle the short 5 mile hop to the town of Padstow, where there are loads of places to eat, sit and watch the world go by in the bustling working harbour.

The shops in Padstow and Wadebridge are also worth a look, selling the usual gifts as well as unique artwork, and locally produced food and drink. The trail is relatively flat with far-reaching views across the estuary and the Cornish countryside.

6. Eat out at the Beach Hut

The views and the food are both worthy contenders competing for your attention at this quirky little seaside eaterie. Park in one of the large pay and display carparks at Watergate Bay and walk down onto the beach to discover this hidden gem overlooking the sand and sea.

Watergate Bay beach in Cornwall

See the beach come alive over a leisurely breakfast at the Beach Hut, or head here for an evening meal and watch the sun set slowly over the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Ride the longest & fastest zip wire

Not for the feint-hearted, the Adrenaline Quarry in mid-Cornwall offers loads of crazy activities to try - one of the highlights is the Skywire, stretching half a mile across the iconic landscape of the Eden Biomes, 100m in the air.

There's nothing like a heart-stopping 60mph cruise through the air to bring a couple together.... Learn more and book your tickets online at the Hangloose Adventure website.

4. Practise pasty-crimping

They're easy to prepare, taste delicious, and contain the finest ingredients to keep you full for longer. The Cornish pasty was a staple of the miners' daily diet in the 17th and 18th Centuries, providing a wholesome meal that kept them nourished until they resurfaced at the end of a gruelling day down the shafts searching for tin. One of the pasty's key features was its crimped crust, which gave the miners a means of holding the pasty with dirty hands without contaminating their food.

The traditional Cornish pasty still features a crimped crust today. Learn how to master the crimp, and what goes into making the perfect Cornish pasty, at a half-day cookery lesson just five minutes from us here at Callestock.

Learn more at the Philleigh Way Cookery School near Truro.

3. Stand-up Paddle-Boarding

It looks so simple - stand up on your board and gently glide through the water, using the paddle to steer. But stand-up paddle-boarding isn't as easy as it looks! But it is fun.

Let the instructors at Loe Beach Watersports show you how to master this new sport and you'll feel right at home on the tranquil waters of the calm creek.

2. Waterskiing

Hold on tight and brace yourself for an amazing ride!

waterskiing woman

Waterskiing is such fun, particularly in the beautiful waters just off Cornwall. Let the experts at Camel Ski School show you the ropes with a short lesson, ideal for beginners or experienced watersports enthusiasts.

1. Forage for your Food

Foraging for food is novel, but jumping straight in without knowledge is risky. Join the experts at Cornish Wild Food for a wander through nature, discovering what's safe to eat, the laws on food foraging, and all about sustainable foraging.

You'll even get the chance to cook and share the goodies you've found before sampling others' dishes, and discussing recipes with fellow foragers on the walk.

Learn more and book your tickets online at Cornish Wild Food.


There is one extra experience to check out while staying in Cornwall - join Liz for a guided visit to see the calves at Little Callestock Farm, she will also take you to see the beautiful herd as they tuck into stubble turnips in the open meadow.

The calves are always excited to welcome visitors, and the mums are also happy to show off their new babies. Simply speak to Liz when you arrive and we'll agree a day and time.