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24 Jun

Down on the farm - Summer 2019

This time last year we were sweltering in the hottest June for decades - but in 2019, things are a little more predictable. We still have sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but the occasional showers mean that grass at Callestock Courtyard is lush and green rather than dry and brown and the cows are cool and chilled in the shade of the trees. Summer is here which means Nick is busy on the farm while our guests are out and about enjoying the county.

The Callestock herd:

Spring's perfect conditions produced excellent grass for the first cut of silage, giving us an impressive 343 bales. That should keep the cows happy and well fed over the Winter. In the meantime they're tucking into new stubble turnips that we planted earlier in the year - they absolutely love them.

cows at Callestock Courtyard in Cornwall

Talking of cows, most of the herd have now had their calves, so we have 23 new babies bounding around the fields being cute.They've been treated to an additional feed station in the barn, which means less queuing at the milk bar and more hungry little calves filling up at once.

The new bull, Michael (aka Action Man Darwin), arrives at the end of the Summer for the annual love-in - we'll be looking for name suggestions for the 2020 newborns in the Spring, so keep an eye on the blog and Facebook to add yours to the list.

Fruit trees for bees update:

In other news, the fruit trees that Ben planted back in the Spring are already providing fruit - so far the very first "harvest" has given us one cherry (I know. I couldn't contain myself either) and three damsons. The damsons are earmarked for the Christmas gin, which Ben will start later in the Summer, so it's ready for bottling just in time for Christmas.

Callestock in the Press:

We didn't think it could get much better than appearing on the Rodda's Cornish clotted cream packaging.....

..... until we had a call from our friends at Rodda's Cornish clotted cream about another potential photo opp. One of the supermarkets supplied by Rodda's was looking for a farm to feature in their staff magazine - to share the personal stories of the farmers who help produce some of their most popular products.

Of course we were happy to help.

The Tesco photographer showed up on a beautiful bright sunny day, capturing the true superstars of Callestock Courtyard for their moment in the spotlight. Nick photo-bombed this shot but we can forgive him ;-)

If you work for Tesco, or know someone who does, keep an eye out for the next staff magazine - you might just see this cracking photo alongside the story of how Callestock Farm helps to supply the iconic Rodda's.

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