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29 Mar

Calf Catch-Up - Last Year's Babies - Where Are They Now?

Every Spring we look forward to welcoming new babies into the Jersey herd at Callestock Farm. As the new calving season approaches, we catch-up with last year's calves as they make the most of their last few weeks as the youngest members of the family.

Hide and seek in the woods:

Who doesn't love a hide and seek tournament? With so many hiding places, the games are never-ending here at Callestock, with last year's calves making the most of their woodland playground.

calf hide and seek at Callestock

I'm not sure how good they are at Hide and Seek but at least they're happy....

calf hide and seek hiding place at Callestock

All-you-can-eat buffet:

The calves are never short of something to eat. Their outdoor home features a field brimming with fresh curly kale and turnips, meaning they help us out with managing the crops, while also munching on a healthy diet of fibre, antioxidents, Vitamin C and iron.

calves in the woods at Callestock Courtyard Cornwall

This healthy diet is a big hit - they may be almost a year old, but they don't look a day over 6 months! ;-)

Nature's comfortable beds:

Every night, the calves settle down on a soft bed of leaves in the woods at Callestock. The trees provide an excellent home, offering plenty of natural shelter from the wind as well as the flexibility to free-flow between the fields, the woods and the meadow. They love it!

They'll be chilling here for a couple of months, while the grown-up cows prepare for the new arrivals.

Your name suggestions:

Talking of new arrivals, we still need your help with names for this year's newbies - please send any name suggestions (girl's name, beginning with a 'C') to Liz.

We'll keep you posted as this year's calves are born - follow us on Facebook for the latest up to date news.