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24 Feb

Name a calf at Callestock

One of our favourite times of year is Spring, when the lush green meadows become home to the pregnant cows, and we count down to calving season. But before the new calves arrive, we need your help....

sunset at Callestock Courtyard

We're expecting around 30 new female calves this year at Callestock and will be closely watching the herd for early signs of labour in the coming weeks... (keep an eye on Facebook for photos of the new babies).

But in the meantime, there's plenty of essential preparation work to be done, including picking names for the new babies.

Which is where we need your help.

Each year we name all the new girl calves with names starting with the same letter, and this year, the letter is.....

(pause for dramatic effect).....


3, 2, 1 - name that calf!

Click t

Submit your female name ideas - beginning with 'C' - by clicking the button above, then keep an eye on Facebook for details of the new calves and their names.

We're ready and waiting to add them to the list...

Empty page waiting for new calf names