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30 Sep

Down on the farm - Autumn 2018

Life at Callestock revolves around the countryside, the wildlife, and the weather. This time of year is fantastic for the animals - there's a feast of crunchy green grass for the cows, the trees and bushes are heavy with berries for the wild birds, and Sandy loves helping me pick the fresh veg from the patch in the garden.

But we're not the only ones to love Autumn.

Rod the bull has come to stay, entertaining his hareem of 22 female Jerseys in the meadow.

jersey cow at Callestock

Let's hope for another good calving season in 2019..... we'll be looking for your help in naming the new babies so watch this space for your chance to submit a name suggestion.

The lovely September weather has produced a bumper crop of grass and encouraged strong growth in the fields so there's now plenty of lush green grass for the herd.

However, after record-breaking temperatures in the Summer, we're still playing catch-up with feed. We'll be planting a field of kale and turnips in preparation for the Winter. The cows love leafy greens and root vegetables, so they'll be chuffed.

The vegetable patch is also sprouting a mouth-watering array of tasty treats. We've already picked sweetcorn, tomatoes, pumpkins, turnips and strawberries. Yum. And of course, there are the apples from the orchard (try this seasonal apple cake with Rodda's cream tea - you won't be disappointed - it's one of my favourites).

Finally, it's not only our brand new property, Callestock Vean, that's enjoying the very latest technology. Our son Ben has a brand new baler, which he's very kindly offered to test out on our fields.

baler at Callestock

But to be honest, I don't think he minds that much. If you have anything that needs baling (your back garden, driveway or maybe just the hedgerows in the roads surrounding your house), I'm sure he'll be happy to come and help. Any excuse to test out his new toy.

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